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Interview with “The Fish”

After years of avoiding contact with the media, you’ve now agreed to be interviewed. What changed? No comment. And we understand that you have specifically asked to be interviewed by yourself. Why is this? I am a serious man but I have a very silly streak. Your song “Vonnegut” references Kev Carmody’s song “Thou ShaltContinue reading “Interview with “The Fish””

Waterintobeer, 4 August 2022

My first gig playing ‘Fish In Venice’ material, at a venue just a couple of streets away from the flat where the stories in some of my songs took place. Playing alongside Act 1, PAN Galactic and House Above The Sun. The plan is to mostly play songs written at home during the pandemic (don’tContinue reading “Waterintobeer, 4 August 2022”


Ive used wordpress for a long time but I can’t figure out the new interface. The negroni probably doesn’t help. Bear with me.

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